American Higher Education is Failing

College no longer provides the opportunity or value it promises.

It must restore a focus on student success.

Colleges currently are over-priced and underdelivering.

Our concepts will integrate content delivery, human formation, and professional preparation.  They will be tailored around three major student needs - humanistic, civic, and vocational.

Beyond curriculum, the college must build strategic partnerships with businesses, organizations, and community leaders.  Mentoring and internships will be part of the college experience.

The Career Curriculum Mission Statement

To reclaim undergraduate education and prepare students for life as healthy individuals and productive citizens.

A History of Higher Education

How did colleges become dysfunctional?

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Problems in Today's Colleges

The problems are easily identified.

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Solutions That Can Work

Colleges can reduce college costs without jeopardizing accreditation.

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Be a Part of Career Curriculum

We need leaders to join Career Curriculum as we grow and improve.

  • Students and parents seeking a better education
  • Politicians realizing the importance of educational excellence
  • Employers seeking young people who can enrich their business

If you want to support our efforts, or if you are curious about our mission, please get in touch.