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College Trustees & Administrators

Adopt Career Curriculum

If your college needs more enrollment, this is an opportunity to offer students a superior experience that is different from all those other colleges.

Career Curriculum does not require major faculty changes.  It does require changing roles.  Political agendas and rigid ideology will be replaced by student interaction and respect for traditional methods.  Faculty who love enlightenment will embrace the change.

Career Curriculum does require allocating budgets away from administration and toward student success.  It will be necessary to reduce administrative staff and supplement with student leaders.

It is a bold step that can pay huge dividends.  Our educators and professionals can guide you through the process.  Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Political Leaders

Promote Career Curriculum

Almost no-one is happy with the current state of higher education.  The challenge for political leaders is offering a manageable and financially prudent way forward.  In accepting Career Curriculum as an alternative, leaders will empower colleges and students with the tools to renew academic excellence.

Career Curriculum does not create additional budget constraints on colleges.  Instead, it reduces overhead.

Career Curriculum is not a radical departure from established methods.  It meets accreditation standards.

With the exception of administrative bloat, Career Curriculum does not jeopardize college personnel.  The transition is straightforward.

Our educators and professionals are available to discuss any and all questions.



Join Career Curriculum

The mission of Career Curriculum is to prepare students for a lifetime of success both personally and professionally.

A major part of Career Curriculum is internship in successful businesses.  Businesses will be invited to participate in the college experience. This means great careers for graduating students.  This means great employees for businesses.

If you would like to list your company as a prospective participant with a Career Curriculum college, please let us know.  Our educators and professionals are available to discuss any and all questions.

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